Stress-Free Supercar Self-Drive Hire Insurance for Exceptional Vehicles

With your livelihood based around a high-performance vehicle, the importance of specialist supercar self-drive hire insurance cannot be underestimated.

But, there’s just one small catch. Many insurance brokers won’t ‘waste their time’ on the intricate attention to detail that’s needed for supercar self-drive hire insurance.

At The Chauffeur Guys, we don’t think you’re a waste of time. On the contrary, dealing with your specialist insurance needs IS our business.

We fully understand how supercar self-drive hire insurance differs from other types of Chauffeur and Wedding car, even though you might be offering similar services to similar audiences.

Looking for Supercar Self-Drive Hire Insurance for Niche Vehicles?

You have complete confidence that The Chauffeur Guys have your back for great value specialist cover for vehicles such as:

  • Aston Martin
  • BMW
  • Ferrari
  • Ford GT
  • McLaren
  • Lamborghini
  • Maserati
  • And all other high performance car brands

High Performance Vehicles Need Powerful Supercar Self-Drive Hire Insurance

For executive hire, events, weddings or any other activities, supercar self-drive hire insurance provides peace of mind to you and your customers should anything go wrong.

But the levels of cover your vehicle demands aren’t usually found on run-of-the-mill comparison sites. Nor can you rely on many other insurance brokers and companies. They don’t have specialist supercar know-how and they don’t want to spend the additional time it takes servicing your niche needs.

In fact, many customers turn to The Chauffeur Guys because they just can’t find the cover they need elsewhere.

When you work with us, we go the extra mile to help you secure –  

  • The best value policy to suit your business and your vehicle
  • The most comprehensive policy from a diverse range of large well-known insurers to more specialised ones

What Sort of Supercar Self-Drive Hire Insurance Terms Are Available?

Your specific supercar self-drive hire insurance policy should be dictated by the unique nature of your business and your vehicle.

When you speak to The Chauffeur Guys, we dig deep in to the detail. This enables us to find the most befitting cover for you.

There are motor insurance elements to consider, such as:

  • Replacement Vehicle for providing comparable alternative transportation if theft, accidental damage or breakdown takes your vehicle off the road
  • Gap Insurance for covering any shortfall between the price you paid when you bought your vehicle and what you’ll be recompensed for if your vehicle gets written off
  • Breakdown for any repair work
  • Limited Mileage for relevant levels of cover that that take below average mileage in to account

In addition to vehicle-specific insurance elements, there are also general business elements that might be advisable, such as –

  • Public Liability for recompensing other businesses, customers or members of the public who experience damages or personal injuries that are attributable to you
  • Employer’s Liability for any staff you’ve got in addition to yourself
  • Commercial Buildings for garage or office premises that aren’t home-based
  • Interruption of earnings for recovering any lost earnings resulting from unforeseen circumstances that aren’t your fault
  • Legal Expenses for covering Solicitor’s costs if anybody instigates legal action against you

Throw in to the mix any club memberships you might subscribe to. You might be entitled to member discounts on your supercar self-drive hire insurance premiums.

It can all be a bit overwhelming, even if you think you know exactly what you’re doing with your insurance. But not with The Chauffeur Guys on your side for effortless, failproof supercar self-drive hire insurance at top notch rates.

The Chauffeur Guys are different from other insurance brokers you’re likely familiar with. We’re an independent associate arm of GMi Insurance Services Ltd, specifically dealing with Chauffeur and specialist car insurance. We find the best policies at the best prices by concentrating on the insurance deals that many other brokers lack the time and inclination for.

The Chauffeur Guys is a trading name of GMi Insurance Services Ltd. is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 308222).


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