Chauffeur Insurance At Exceptional Rates

Chauffeur insurance is similar to private hire cover in many ways.  It insures you to drive paying customers.

But it’s also different from private hire cover in many ways, too. The insurance policies that suffice for cab drivers aren’t adequate enough for Bentleys, Cadillacs, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, stretch limousines and other specialist vehicles.

Our name says it all. At The Chauffeur Guys, we offer bespoke Chauffeur insurance to Chauffeurs.

We concentrate on finding the best insurance at the most competitive prices for higher value cars like yours.

Nobody Does Chauffeur Insurance Like The Chauffeur Guys

Why Does Chauffeur Insurance Matter So Much?

Your Chauffeur insurance is so important because it wraps a safety blanket around your livelihood, including –

  • Your Vehicle – against breakdown, accidental damage and theft.
  • Your Customers – against personal injury, damage, loss or theft of their belongings
  • Your Income – against circumstances that prevent you doing your job through no fault of your own
  • Your Reputation – against a member of the public or a customer taking legal action against you that you’re uninsured for
  • Your Future – against loss of existing and prospective customers if you’re found not to operating legally and with integrity

In addition, we also understand that you’re running a business and you’re naturally price sensitive about Chauffeur insurance premiums. Put your mind at rest.

The Chauffeur Guys are 100% committed and has the know-how to strike the perfect balance between cover that’s –

  • Cost effective
  • As comprehensive as it needs to be

What Does Perfect Chauffeur Insurance Look Like?

Your vehicle type – and what you use your vehicle for – both inform the type of Chauffeur insurance that’s right for you.

You’ve probably got a good idea of what it looks like. If you don’t, it’s not a problem at all.

We help you decide what you need and what you don’t need, in order to source perfect Chauffeur insurance to meet your requirements AND suit your budget.

This might or might not include cover for –

  • Breakdown – including forward travel for your passengers
  • Commercial Buildings – if you have an office rather than working from home
  • Employer’s Liability – a legal non-negotiable if you employ anybody other than yourself
  • Gap Insurance – to cover any depreciation between what you bought your vehicle for and what your insurer will pay out if you write it off  
  • Interruption of earnings – if you experience loss of income due to unexpected events that prevent you from conducting your business
  • Legal Expenses – for representation in Court if legal action is taken against you
  • Replacement Vehicle – to mitigate business interruption if your vehicle breaks down, is damaged or stolen
  • Personal Accident – if you’re injured whilst working
  • Personal Vehicle Use – if you use your vehicle outside work
  • Public Liability – if another person suffers personal, injury, damage or loss of belongings or property due to you and your business

It’s a potential minefield, but not with The Chauffeur Guys on your side, giving you peace of mind, and also saving you time and money.

The Chauffeur Guys are different from other insurance brokers you’re likely familiar with. We’re an independent associate arm of GMi Insurance Services Ltd, specifically dealing with Chauffeur and specialist car insurance. We find the best policies at the best prices by concentrating on the insurance deals that many other brokers lack the time and inclination for.

The Chauffeur Guys is a trading name of GMi Insurance Services Ltd. is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 308222).


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